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Heart of America Tournaments (HOAT) exists to help teams and players achieve the following essentials for club and travel ball - 

1 - Play against top level competition.  It is the main way to improve your game as a player and a team.  You have to measure yourself against others outside your area.  HOAT exists to create that opportunity.

2 - Play on a college venue in front of college coaches and staffs.  HOAT doesn't always play on Division 1 venues, but, rather focuses on placing events in front of Coaches and Staffs that are actively pursuing talent just right for their setting.

3 - Play in a competitive setting.  Every Athlete's heartbeat should revolve around the concept of competition.  HOAT encourages that heartbeat in every event by providing events, venues, umpiring and atmosphere conducive to competing.

Come play in HOAT events this summer and meet those Goals.

John Hartley

John Hartley

John Hartley

Heart of America Tournaments

Phone: 4178384436

Tyler  Hartley

Tyler Hartley

Heart of America Tournaments - Director

Phone: 4178389193